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  • Frank Ventura
    Frank Ventura Chairman + CEO

    As Chairman, Frank provides regular counsel on all major decisions and strategy. His nearly six decades of industry insight is invaluable. In 1979, Frank was a founding member of HACIA, the Hispanic American Construction Industry Association. A son of Mexican immigrants, Frank started as a laborer and eventually built his own companies. Those companies participated in many notable, and often iconic, projects including Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Prentice Women’s Hospital, NBC Tower, the Sheraton Hotel, O’Hare International Airport, and the Lyric Opera of Chicago.

  • Ryan Ventura
    Ryan Ventura President

    As President, Ryan manages all of VEI’s day-to-day operations. With 13 years’ experience in the industry, Ryan has overseen VEI’s transition from a start-up in 2012 to a company exceeding $10 million in annual revenues and continued growth. Ryan’s relational approach to every customer and vendor, as well as his meticulous attention to detail, keeps jobs moving smoothly and efficiently. Ryan is proud to carry on his family’s legacy of quality construction and genuine partnerships for the next generation.

  • Donnie Chambers
    Donnie Chambers Vice President

    As Vice President, Donnie assists Ryan with daily management activities. He also leads the effort to expand VEI’s brand awareness, develop and maintain a focused sales strategy, and maximize operational capabilities. A graduate of Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, he brings broad experience in sales, consulting, operations management, and finance — making him a key part of VEI’s growing vision, strategy, and long-term growth platform.

  • Maria Cardenas
    Maria Cardenas Office Manager

    As Office Manager, Maria brings 30 years’ experience in office administration to VEI — eight of those in the construction industry. In addition, she has worked in (and learned from) many other industries: accounting, engineering, finance, law, nonprofit, state government, and travel. A graduate of Ohio University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Journalism, Maria is an excellent communicator with exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills. She also treats every customer, supplier and vendor with genuine courtesy and respect to make working with VEI a pleasure.


VEI Solutions, Inc. (VEI) is a family-owned glass and metal subcontractor whose roots go back decades. Frank T. Ventura, VEI’s Chairman, started as a laborer on construction projects in the 1950s after getting hands-on experience at Chicago’s historic Washburne Trade School, which handled vocational apprenticeships for as many as 17 different unions at one time. By the late 1960s, Frank started his own painting and decorating business. After several years of successful growth, he started two further companies over the subsequent decades. In 2012, Frank partnered with his grandson, Ryan Ventura, to start a new company, VEI Solutions, Inc.


As a glass and metal subcontractor, VEI hires union iron workers to self-perform glass and metal installation including exterior and interior enclosures, curtain wall specialists, complete envelope packages, unitized panel specialists, window wall, glass and metal panels, storefronts, fire-rated frames and systems, and miscellaneous metals.


As a family-owned business with deeply rooted values, VEI has a unique focus on building true relationships and taking pride in the work we do.


While the values of the “handshake era” hold true for VEI today, we also are highly focused on the innovation and technology of tomorrow. Strong relationships and pride in our output are coupled with high efficiency and strong attention to detail.


VEI’s quick turnaround on everything from critical paperwork to timely vendor payments (as well as our commitment to effective communication and strong field support) helps to keep projects running as smoothly as possible.  As an MBE and DBE certified company, VEI often partners with larger, first-tier contractors to meet strict diversity compliance goals and quotas.  However, several of our satisfied customers work with us on projects outside of the MBE and DBE realm because of what we contribute to any project.  VEI is “the MBE it pays to work with.”


VEI is signatory with the International Iron Workers Union, meaning VEI can work with any affiliated Iron Workers Union in the U.S. or Canada. Because we also are MBE and DBE certified nationally, contractors can hire us to partner with them in other states or regions when that makes sense. VEI is therefore able to build strong partnerships not only in Chicago, but also nationwide.

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